Do You Have Chronic Pain?
Then My Pain Busting System Will Solve Your Pain
[or your money back]
1. without expensive therapy
2.  without medication
3.  without surgery
and its really simple to apply and you'll get dramatic results quickly.
(FDA-Approved) micro current/biofeedback

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Meds kill, but here is a natural, non invasive, no side effects alternative that has been around for over 30 years

[due to the unrest in the Ukraine and Russia
be cautious about buying from them right now]

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I am passionate about providing the best training and mentoring for you.  And in the next few days I am going to prove to you that you can get phenomenal results too.  No doubt's, no second guessing and guaranteed.

If you know little about these devices then rest assured it's not about back pain exercises, therapy bs, or endless waiting around in the Drs office. It's really so simple that you can literally solve any pain in your sleep:)

So for a moment remember how your life used to be and the dreams you had for you, your family and career?
Now imagine all the things that you could be doing if you got rid of your pain!

In short this amazing offer will get you off the medical treadmill, ONCE and FOR EVER
Big pharma your days are finally ending.

Clinical trials conducted in Russia on 7,320 people in the 1980's produced 90.4% CURE RATES
Since then, with the latest FDA approved micro-current/biofeedback devices, and applying them at home, we have got even better results with my online pain busting training and mentoring.

Shockingly, until recently this technology has been suppressed because "there is no money in it" as it is comparatively inexpensive, easy to use with some training, and powered by AA batteries.  The Russians say "its like a hospital in your own hands" and after 12 years of experience I agree.

Now we have FDA approval for these pain busting electrical wonders and you may qualify for medical re-imbursement with a script from you pain Doctor.

[with the unrest in the Ukraine and Russia, buying from them is currently not an option.]

How much have you spent one way or the other on your health care?
How much has your pain cost you, not just financially but also physically, emotionally, spiritually, in lost time and faded dreams?
Are you concerned about rising health care costs hemorrhaging your savings and looking for a solution?
And as you've heard under the new Obama Health Care Act it's going to get A LOT WORSE.

So let's get you OFF THE MEDICAL TREADMILL before it's too late. 


If you or anyone you know is in pain and suffering from an acute or chronic pain, tell them about this revolutionary electrical medicine that is:

  •   natural non invasive
  •   non addictive
  •   totally safe alternative to anti inflammatories, muscle relaxants and habit-forming painkillers

And it is so simple to use you can literally do it in your sleep!

Now FDA approved the micro current tingle the skin to energize the body, relax muscles and numbs pain.  Plus it stimulates the nerve fibres to release the body's pharmacopeia of powerful anti-inflammatories and pain-relieving neuropeptides like pain busting endorphins and tissue regenerating peptides.

A little bit about me:

I know what pain is like.  When I was 14 a block wall fell on my head and for decades I suffered debilitating back and neck pain.  When I first learned about these micro current biofeedback devices I was very skeptical.  Soon, I soon saw miracles happen on my self, family and clients. 
I have been mentoring and training for 22 years in sound and electrical medicines, I am a hands on healer, and as a designer/inventor/engineer of healing environments.
My work has been featured on British TV and PBS and around the world.
Today, I am internationally known for my online mentoring and training clients from pain to pain free with my Pain Busting System.

Enjoy the Pain Solved video and looking forward coaching you too.

Benedick Howard
High Tech Shaman

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